Chris and Caitlin Rorer


Chris Rorer met Caitlin Keeney at the Restaurant School after Chris had left his job in New York City working in the I.T. world to pursue a career in the culinary arts. Caitlin was already enrolled and serving as a T.A. when the two met and their friendship quickly blossomed into a courtship. Two years later they were married and the first seeds for Keen were planted. Chris attributes his eclectic pallet to his father introducing him to all manner of different cuisine from a very young age. Caitlin also credits her father for lighting the cook fire under her, but says a job at a taco joint called Surf Taco that taught her the nuances and subtleties that would help shape her as a chef. As the owners and operators of Keen, the Rorers are ready to leave their mark on the Philadelphia restaurant scene.